How we hire

at Westermo

Our recruitment process

Step by step

1. Apply
Easily apply with your CV and cover letter. Our recruitment team will read through your application thoroughly and decide objectively for next steps.
2. Screening
We will call you for a quick phone interview where you will also get additional information about the role.
3. First interview
Face to face- or Skype interview with HR and your future manager where we will get to know each other better, both personal and companywise.
4. Reference check
We will ask you for two referees from your current or previous employer to speak with. Out of one must be your direct manager.
5. Second interview and meet the team
You will meet with the superior manager and get the chance to connect with your future team members.
6. Job offer
Our recruitment team will decide objectively and give a competitive offer of employment to the candidate best fit for the position.

Please note that we reserve ourselves the right to complete the recruitment process before the last application date, if we find the right candidate. 

All job openings

Job application tips

Make sure that your resume includes your

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Accomplishments

Your cover letter makes the best impression when you

  • Clearly motivate why you think your are qualified for the job
  • Explain the reasons for your interest in the position and Westermo as a company
  • Evaluate the skills required for the position and match them to your own competence
  • Summerize your most relevant qualifications and experience for the position

Who we are

  • Competent, ambitious and dedicated colleagues

  • The best team spirit there is!

  • High geek factor

  • Quality is everything – the people, the organisation and the products


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